For authors

While preparing materials one should keep to the following requirements:

1. Article must comply with the content focus of the collection and the requirements of HAC of Ukraine according to the resolution number 7 - 05/1 from 1/15/03. The manuscripts in Ukrainian, English and Russian languages are accepted. In the scientific paper the following elements should be included:
• problem statement;
• analysis of recent research and publications;
• task;
• presentation of the main research;
• conclusions.

2. Materials should be submitted only in electronic format using the application form .

3. Article should be created in the text editor MS WORD.
The paper should be 8-10 pages A-4 format, font Times New Roman font - 14 pt, interval - 1 pt, all margins - 2 cm, "red" space - 1cm.
Do not use the tab button!
Tables and illustrations should be typed in the text editor within MS WORD format A-4, their size should be less than 1 cm of the width of the line, have the serial number and subject heading. The font size for dialing information in tables must be at least 10 pt.
References should be written at the end of the article in the original language in accordance to Form 23, "Bulletin of HAC of Ukraine" № 3, 2008.
The Number of scientific references must be at least 8.
In the top row name of the author (s), degree, rank, name of the establishment, city should be indicated. This information is indicated in bold 14 pt, interval - 1.5 and alignment to the left.
Two intervals below indicates the title of the article should be indicated in bold - 14 pt, interval - 1.5 center alignment, all the letters in ITALICS.
One interval below there should be summary (in English) font 11 pt, interval - 1.5, alignment on the width.
One interval below there should be the article itself.
After the article one interval below "references" should be indicated in bold 14 pt center alignment. One interval below there should be a list of references itself 14 pt, interval - 1.5.

4. For graduate students the article must be accompanied by supervisor's review.

Procedure for review and article payment

1. Articles presented to the Editor undergo peer review by 2 independent reviewers and are checked for "unique stage".
2. If unique text of the article is less than 70%, the article is not allowed to be printed and does not go for further review.
3. When you receive 2 positive reviews article is returned to the author to pay attention to the reviewer's recommendations.
4. After corrections the article is accepted for publication.
5. The article accepted for publication is analyzed by the text editor. In case of errors in the design or grammar the article is returned to the author for correction.
6. The fees for accepted article is 3 EURO per page of printed text. The payment includes receiving a one magazine. Additional one is available for a additional fees.